ABOUT Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding

Launched in 1991, Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding, is one of the leading and fastest-growing companies, who has a wide range of business activities.

The Legacy Driven us to Perfection!
Continuing to the path of legacy, we’ve followed the journey of our grandfather Haj. Suliman Gadad and father Haj. Bashir Gadad in Agriculture and trading fields. Haj. Suliman Gadad started his journey, working in the agriculture and foodstuff trading fields in 1995 in Al Zahra City, Libya.
Thus, Haj. Bashir Gadad, who born 1961 followed his father’s business in logistic in 1998 beside livestock in 2004 and construction materials. Like father like son; Mr. Aziz followed the path of his father’s business in construction industry in 2013 and in auto trading and spare parts in 2010.
From this moment, Haj. Suliman was working on start a huge family business in Libya that amazed the whole world. With Haj. Suliman’s hard work and smart aspect in businesses, he become among the best business leaders in Libya.
Thus, Haj. Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding, followed his father’s business in logistic and agriculture beside livestock and construction. In 2010, Haj. Suliman Gadad and his son Haj. Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding, worked in auto trading.
In 2015, we launch our first oil factory and foodstuff import and export company, following by the biggest fridge freezer storage to preserving meat, fruits, and vegs in 2016 alongside with opening our rice factory in 2018 and our shipping agency.


Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding brings excitement and enthusiasm to business around the world by building corporate solutions.


At Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding, we exist to empower, inspire, and strategically guide our companies, partners, customers, and employees through supportive programs and core values.


Our values are clear, we aim to achieve the integrity, follow the transparency, serve the quality, and keep diversity;

We’re honest, straightforward with our customers, communication, and suppliers.
We keep our promises, ensure openness and communications, as well as accountability in our various engagements.
We build a culture based on delivering the best services and excellent thought and execution.
We embrace changes, respect differences, and support the regulations.

Our History

Expansion Ambition

With a growing ambition to expand Libya business, we make a new business alive every amount of time through a three-generation of world investment, started from our grandfather, passing by our father, and end up with the three brothers who studied in England, acting like one hand and working as a team of directors.

Proud Heritage

Over a proud heritage spanning eight decades, Libya-based Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding has played an essential role transforming Libya’s economy, pioneering manufacturing, and food safety. We’re a fastest growing holding companies, we started a new business sector each six months proximity, including recycled materials, logistic, livestock, and invests in technology we’re seeking to go the medical and health sector to manage Hospitals and medical facilities by 2022 in Libya.

Trading World

Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding, a trusted name in the world of trading, manufacturing, petroleum, overseas cargo, real estate, in addition to agriculture, livestock, and financial investments, not to mention a growing global presence. At Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding, we have expanded our overseas operations, establishing a network of branches in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe to serve a large customer base, in both government and commercial sectors. As a diversified family-owned conglomerate, Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding remains committed to protecting and enhancing the communities.

Future Aspect

Hence, Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding has initiated to support environmental sustainability, health awareness and local job creation programs. Facing the future aspect, Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding seeks every opportunity to be a main part of Libya’s economic and social development while continuing its evolution as one of the most respected and victorious family-owned business conglomerates in Libya.


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