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Bashir Gadad Holding is the spirit of the future, we offer a wide range of sectors, exceeding 20 business fields including trading, manufacturing, petroleum, which make us a global reliable leader in the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa.

New Al Marwa for Marketing

Al-Hira Valley for Flour Mills

The New Qamart for Cleaning Services, Pest Control, and Gardens.

The New City for Oil Services

Bostan Libya for Food Industries

The Future Challenge for Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company

Al Saneya for Tomato Paste Manufacturing and Refilling

Nat Libya for Meat and livestock Import Company

Al Shams for Ration Services

Al Tazaj for Food, vestibules, and Fruits Import

The Smart Fingerprint to Import Electronic devices and Renewable Power

The Smart Specifications for investment and Real Estate

The Middle Star

Bashir Company for Shipping

Al Marwa Alola for Filling and Refilling Oil

Al Wehda for Shipping Services

Nour for diapers, tissues papers and cleaning supplies

Al Mohandes for Plastic Industries, Metals and Constructions

Serve over millions across the globe allows Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding to be one of the most reliable holding company across North Africa, Middle East, and Europe. Bashir Gadad and Sons Holding has the facility to ensure the quality of products, which will meet the optimum manufacturability and functionality require.

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